Rowenta VU2660U2 Turbo Silence 12" Extreme Electronic Table Fan with Remote Control (Refurbished)

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  • User-friendly control panel with 5 speed settings, including Turbo Boost for extra power and Silent Night mode for especially soundless operation
  • Ideal for home or office

The most powerful, quietest fan*


Turbo Silence Extreme silent fan delivers an immediate sensation of intense fresh air with extremely silent technology. Settings range from the inaudible Silent Night position to the extremely powerful Turbo Boost function for optimum comfort.

Powerful Airflow
Extremely powerful airflow produces an immediate sensation of intense refreshment, up to 1600 ft3/min*.

*Airflow can vary +/- 10% according to products.

Turbo Boost Function
The Turbo Boost position is an extremely powerful air position. This fifth speed creates an intense level of airflow at 1600 ft3/min*!

*Airflow can vary +/- 10% depending on the model.

Silent Night Position
Enjoy relaxing, fresh nights during warm-weather seasons! Thanks to the silent night position at only 35 dB(A), you can sleep without hearing the fan.

Large Air Diffusion
The diffusion of air is very wide: up to 120° covered! Large diffusion for optimum freshness through the whole room.

Remote Control
The new design of the remote control is easy to grasp and to store. Control all the fan's functions from a distance: night position, speeds, turbo boost.

Remote Control Storage
Store your remote control on the handle of your fan, thanks to a smart system that will ensure you never look for the remote again!

Tilt And Oscillation
Select oscillation mode for widespread airflow throughout the room and adjust orientation to your convenience.

Transport Handle
Integrated and ergonomic handle for easy transport and storage.

Silence Technology
Extreme Silence whatever the airflow. From the inaudible Silent Night position to the extremely powerful Turbo Boost speed, sound level is very low. Enjoy intense refreshment without being disturbed by your appliance.

Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty
Dimensions: 11.02 x 13.77 x 21.25 inches

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