Conair GMT49BSC The Barber Shop Pro Series Corded Trimmer Grooming Kit, 1 Pounds

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  • Powerful DC motor
  • Japanese steel blades, renowned for its strength and ability to hold the sharpest edge
  • 40mm ultra thin T blade for the best precision
  • Light weight for best precision refining the neckline, side burns and beard
  • Corded trimmer for the most power to cut through coarse and tense facial hair, 9 ft cord for professional use

Note: Box might have minor blemish.

From the manufacturer



The Barber Shop Pro Series

For over 55 years, Conair has had a long tradition of innovation and technology. Through continuous research, we develop state of the art unparalleled products. Using the latest technology, all of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure you receive high performance products with great results. As the choice of professionals, we use this expertise to create high performance products designed to help you achieve a barber finish at home.


Barber shop pro t-blade trimmer



  • Powerful DC motor
  • Detailing T-blade
  • Japanese stainless steel blades


The Barber Shop Pro T-blade Trimmer

6 piece trimmer kit

Achieve the latest looks with this engineered trimmer. The T-blade trimmer is great for precise cutting and unique designs. This professional grade tool is reminiscent of what a traditional barbering experience should be. Now you can achieve professional results at home with the new Barber Shop Pro Series by Conair.

The Barber Shop Pro T-blade Trimmer





Detailing T-blade

The detailing T-blade is a specialty feature that allows for maximum coverage of the hair, giving you a clean cut. The protruding ends of the T-blade offers endless designs for your hair as well as sharp, fine lines for your beard and sideburns.

Japanese Stainless Steel Blades

Japanese stainless steel is renowned for its strength and ability to hold the sharpest edge. This quality stainless steel contains alloys that allow more resistance to rust and corrosion. With Japanese stainless steel blades, this hair clipper delivers a hassle-free cutting experience with sharp results.

Powerful DC Motor

The powerful DC motor delivers maximal power for a compact and lightweight product such as the Barber Shop Pro T-Blade Trimmer. This feature offers a close shave for even the thickest beards.

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